The Valley Center Vaqueros Club will start a new tradition with their Old Timers Show: the introduction of a perpetual trophy that will be named in honor of the late Fran DeWilde.

This year, instead of having the annual show before Western Days, the horse group has scheduled it the weekend after the busy three-day weekend: June 3, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Vaqueros horse arena at Star Valley Park on Vesper Road.

Recently a member of the Vaqueros found one of the earliest Old Timers Show trophies at an antique shop. Made out of metal and marble, it is hefty enough to be passed from trophy holder to trophy holder, and will be an appropriate way to remember Mrs. DeWilde.

For purposes of this show, an “Old-Timer” is anyone 29-years-old and older. The show is organized by the youngsters, and it is a lot of good time fun and hijinks, with the “old-timers” being the brunt of lots of good-natured humor.