Integrity & Transparency

Valley Center Western Days, Inc. was founded on the proud pledge of positivity, community partnership, honesty, and transparency.  As the longest running event for our area, Western Days belongs to the community of Valley Center and neighboring areas.

The process of protecting the Western Days name began in early 2015 when the Valley Center History Museum sought out ways to protect the Western Days name and entity as a whole from outside individuals, corporations, etc. Trademarked in 2016, courtesy of the Valley Roadrunner newspaper, the registration was then donated to the Valley Center History Museum for historical preservation.  

Over the decades, Western Days was under the umbrella of organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Optimist Club, Vaqueros, etc. This transfer to the community began in October 2015 when the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce announced they were no longer organizing the parade.  A local church stepped up to organize the parade in the Chambers absence. Once the 2016 event concluded, leaders in the community including neighboring tribes gathered to form the non-profit Valley Center Western Days organization.   In July 2016, Valley Center Western Days, Inc. was formed.

In June 2018, The Valley Center Optimist Club announced the group was no longer going to organize the annual Festival.  In November 2018, Valley Center Western Days organization took on the responsibility of the Festival, and relocated the event to the Valley Center Elementary School.

Today, Valley Center Western Days, Inc. is proud to be a community-run, community-focused non-profit organization The group is excited to bring a positive family-friendly memorable experience to our area.  Anyone is welcome to join the group.

As part of our pledge to transparency, our books and files are open to everyone. We have nothing to hide since the event belongs to you! Feel free to attend any meeting to review our records.

Any questions or feedback, please contact us!